Move overseas and the CSA can’t touch you

September 2, 2010

I have just returned to the uk after living overseas for the past ten years. The CSA sent me a letter in 2000 saying that they would not take any other action for payments., (they don’t have the power to chase me for payments living abroard) As soon as I started work back in the uk I’m landed with a £7600 bill demanding payment. My son is now 19yrs he lived overseas when growing up and only returned to the uk a few years ago. I have decided to challenge them in court. Any advice would be great.

My advice to you is move overseas where the bastards can’t touch you or any assets you may have overseas. You don’t even have to move thousands of miles away, Republic of Ireland, joursey to name a few, or as long as your not paying tax to the uk goverment they don’t and can’t take anything away from you.


  • John says:

    All the women here skating this guy don’t know how good they gave it. Any one of you can access an abortion and abandon your parental rights through giving a child up for adoption, whenever you feel like it, without any say from the father.

    The way I see it, refusing child support and refusing any responsibilities as a father, because you never wanted a child, is the much lesser of two evils.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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