Mother of child is poisoning my child against me

December 6, 2011

I have been missing my Child’s education her growing up, her worries and all because her mother has a vendetta against me….I don’t know what to do she is 12 now and will be 13 in May 2012, I been there for her recently when my daughters mothers sister died of cancer, and I did my utmost and now apparently my daughter does not want to see me because I didn’t have money to sort out her school fees, but I gave everything before that went shopping gave her 100 pounds, her mother said if I give her money again she will make it hard for me to see her, so it seams hard for me to see my little girl if I give money or if I don’t.

Help me with this woman whom also had another child with another man whom grabbed my child by the wrist all this came out on the funeral of her sister otherwise this I would not have known. and now that man will suffer in her hands as well….tell me how or what good can it do for a child not see her dad….someone needs to talk to my child away from her mother urgently she is not good for these kids in her mind set.

She found out that me and my girlfriend was buying a house and setting up a happy home, and she obviously didn’t like this. All I ask is someone to visit her and speak to my daughter, she needs her father in her life her mother is evil in her ways.