Men run rings around the CSA to escape paying

August 19, 2016

I have a 2 yr old daughter who’s father hasn’t so much bought her a pkt of nappies in her life. He works full time and doesn’t even want to see her never mind pay for her. but he is on the birth certificate.

I think it’s ridiculous that to get any help off the csa u have to pay a fee which on income support would ruin me financially as every penny is accounted for all the time. But They don’t back payment either so itd cost me more in the long run to open a case. But this man has been working none stop for 2 yrs and ava goes without which I hate. On the phone he promises broken promises but if I had that administration fee I’d get what is rightfully my child’s.

He has 3 children by 3 women and although he sees the other 2 girls he doesn’t pay for them whatsoever.He’s Earning £400 atleast a week and promises ava £20 a week but runs Away until he’s drunk as a skunk and its been like this for mths. It’s like he’s Laughing at the system and his 2 yr old. He rings and actually says I am putting the 20 in ur bank account but after 16 weeks I give up He also promises me £20 a week and even agrees that a fiveron a single man wage who lives alone is no good a week and you don’t make them back pay. I effectively will have to pay £50 set up fee for no reimbursement for ava and a fiver a week.

The whole system is mad and wrong and the only people suffering are these innocent children why these mem run rings around the csa laughing.