Men are not treated equally in the UK

April 5, 2011

The CSA claimed to have held a THREE PAGE INTERVIEW with me. I challenged them on this asking for copies of dates, times, locations and interviewing officers who claimed to have conducted the interview. I requested FOUR TIMES and sent them emails and hard copies even by using registered post. So far since Sept 2009 no replies and no confirmaiotn of any alleged interviews. This proves how politically corrupt the child support agency are and the Independant case Examiners are too. I am now waiginf for an alleged investigation by another fabricated division to do with the UK Gov’t. In all it is utter evil howm en are treated in the United Kingdom and decimated of the Human rights. Men are not treated equally and nor are we treated as Humans either. Women fought for EQUALITY. How often do we hear of women committing suicide because they can’t see their kids ;or pay CSA. It never happens. This weould not be accepted.

Here are some pointers for LAW:

Article 1 Protocol 1 – Possession Human Rights Act 1998. This was used in a case involving a child.

Article 8 Right to Private and FAMILY Life HRA 1998

Article 14: Discrimination. “Not to be treated differently” – GENDER

Article 10 ? “Political or other opinion” Please refer to the Human Rights Act 1998 for the accurate Article as I am sure it could be either Article 9 ;or 10.

Note too if you have access to your child, refer them straight to your solicitor and seek a medical professional opinion of oyur GP just in case your child comes to you with bruises and you are accused of hitting your child. many men are accused of hitting their kids when the kids have only just left the Mother ;or Step Fathers. My Daughter is hit by the Step Father and the CSA know this.

MEN : TAKE YOUR IMAGE OFF ANY POPULAR SITES FACEBOOK , TAGGED etc. Women use this as a weapon against you too. The Csa use your National Insurance number and Date of Birth. I cannot do any training courses due to paying CSa for a child that is legally adopted without my consent as I was never married to the Mother. It seems nice to know I am paying for a child that technically does not belong to me and never WILL ! My Daughter hates me, I hate the whole family back and the everso corrupt feminist male hating CSA. The UK is run by male hating corrupt femmie nazi BITCHES !!!!!


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