Mate paying CSA despite not knowing if it’s his child

November 11, 2015

My mate is paying through the CSA even though he is not named on the birth certificate and has no proof the child is his. The CSA contacted his 3 years ago to ask if the child was his and he said I suppose so as the mother said he is! This conversation was over the telephone while he was going through chemotherapy for testicular cancer, so he was in no fit state to have such a important conversation and seemed to have been cohearsd into saying yes, this should not have happened especially as he would never be able to have kids due to the cancer. He has since had money taken from his benefits ( depression due to cancer & CSA) and seems to have no way to turn! He did try seeking help from your forum and was totally bombarded with nasty emails saying he was a dead beat dad!! I really hope you can help him as I am worried his depression may have a tragic end.