Margaret Ritchie comes under pressure because of CSA

April 8, 2008

Margaret Ritchie, the Social Development Minister, has come under growing pressure to outline the future of the Child Support Agency CSA) after the publication of an extremely critical report from the Stormont Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Margaret Ritchie and her department are responsible for the day to day running of the CSA and her department is set to absorb the entire agency in the near future.

Simon Hamilton, a member of the PAC said:

The idea behind the CSA is a sound one but the history of the agency has been disappointing.

On one hand you have parents who don’t face up to their responsibilities escaping the net and on the other, responsible parents being penalised by an inept system.”

A spokesperson for the child support agency said in response to the report:

However, the CSA welcomes the publication of the report and will consider the PAC’s recommendations fully.

I wonder if the CSA will take on board what has been said and actually make any changes to their operating procedures, if they even can?