Living in a caravan because of the CSA

July 25, 2012

Been with the csa from day one, firstly they took over a CCJ for my eldest daughter who is now 26 years old, i started to have problems with the system straight away which caused them to do a reduction from earnings, when my daughter reached 18 they failed to cancel payments for a further 6 months, i was told to retreve the money from her mother, that didnt happen, i then started payments for my second daughter 16 years ago, both payments were at the time were from 2 different offices which caused even more problems.

Then i re-married and have 3 daughters from that relationship, once my youngest was born she had me removed from my home (mortgage almost payed) divorce gave her my house, car, furniture and a nice £100k cash sum, i have been paying regular payments off £90 p/w for 6 years then my mum passed away, she asked the csa to check me for financial gains but the payments were reduced to £68 p/w, i have again been re asesed and payments rocketed to £526 p/m.

House is now up for sale as mortgage is £800 p/m and im going to have to live in a caravan?

She has been settled nicely with her boyfriend for over 8 years and both work full time, all i can do is watch all my hard work goes to my ex, i hope there will be an end to this one day soon, my girls all know whats going on and except if i cant afford to take them out, thanks for some off the other posts, some have helped to answer some questions.


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