Liability order still active even though I have paid up to date

March 31, 2011

I fell behind on my CSA payments to the tune of £14K which in January 2010 I paid directly to my ex partner, she then in turn wrote a letter to the CSA confirming the payment and I began to pay ex then directly. I never heard anymore until recently when I applied for a job where I have to deal with the courts and they do a lot of checks on you and one brought up that I owed the CSA £7k so after several phone calls to the CSA it turns out that they just suspended one of the liability orders.

They have stated to me that although the debt is clear they keep the liability order. How is this correct? I also had to get them to send me a letter for my future employers which states that “the debt on the case has been suspended as you are paying Miss ….. directly. ” I believe that this implys that there is still an outstanding debt and that I am paying it off to Miss Kaylor. They believe that this is all the lititure that they need to send me.

My question is is this all correct and if not what can I do about it as I believe this is affecting my credit rating also?