Katona calls in the CSA

June 9, 2010

Reality TV star and ex Atomic kitten singer Kerry Katona is alleged to have contacted the Child Support Agency to compel estranged husband Mark Croft to pay child support maintenance.

Katona, 29, claims that former taxi driver Croft has so far failed to contribute towards food and clothing for their children Heidi, three, and Max, two but Croft, 38, says that he has no money despite claims he recently bought a motorbike for £3,500.

He was quoted by the Sunday Mirror as saying:

“Kerry is not getting a penny out of me.

“I know she wants money out of me but I haven’t got any. And even if I had, there’s no way I’m giving her any until I get to see my kids.

“Kerry won’t let me see the children so how can I give them any money?”

The couple are preparing themselves for a messy battle; the News of the World quoted a source close to the couple as saying:

“They are going to fight each other to the bitter end. Kerry says they should be with her because she is their mother. Mark says he is going to remind the court of every single time Kerry praised him as a father.

“Kerry said she was going for full custody, most of the holidays and every Christmas Day.

“When he heard Kerry’s conditions he changed his mind. To be told he can never see his kids at Christmas was the final straw.”

Katona has had well publicised money troubles; she was declared bankrupt in August 2008 and received a repossession order on her £1.5m home in December 2009.