I’ve finally beat the CSA

June 9, 2015

Im expecting to get abuse from all you greedy mothers on here but TBH I do not care anymore!

I appear to have just paid for my Fat Cow of an ex wife to move into a 4 bed detatched house as a result of her withholding my 12 yr old daughter! I already have a shared residence order and this means NOTHING in the eyes of the law it would seem … my daughters mind has been thoroughly poisoned against me & my partner and I have not seen her since last August!

Well we have decided to move abroad! I will work self employed doing the same job as I am now but based in malta where that thieving, greedy excuse of a human being cannot get her filthy hands on my hard earned cash again!

The CSA will be informed of this just before we move so that they cannot chase me – if Im not working and not claiming then I cannot be assessed!

‘But you should be paying for your child …’ I hear all you money hungry women shouting … well yes! And I will. I have set up a bank account for my daughter and she will be getting a monthly payment from me of which she will receive once she has realised how evil her mother is and becomes my child again!

Is this a victory? In my eyes YES! Although I may not be able to see my child, I will be able to Not have contact somewhere nice and warm with no danger of my hard earned cash paying for my fat tw*t of an ex to eat cake!

Bring on the abuse – I really don’t care anymore! I have finally won!


  • tracey says:

    I’m recently separated from my Husband. At first we dealt with each other badly however we quickly realised it was easier for everyone to be pleasant. I only ask a small contribution from my husband as he has our daughter 2 or 3 nights a week and I want him to be able to treat her well and take her out. Not all ex wife’s are mean n nasty but its fair to say it would leave a bad taste in any ones mouth to pay for someone’s lifestyle rather than your child.

  • jo says:

    @ Jackie, sadly my husband did all those things to see his children and ended up in more trouble, so what’s the point? Looking back he wished he walked away from it because it did him no favours, children still see him as the bad guy because the mother spouts venom, he even got set upon by his own son and friends and put in hospital because of his mothers lies, when he told her what he done to his father she thought it was hilarious….do you think that’s right because i certainly don’t! PwC in our case was greedy and vindictive, I’ve witnessed first hand the control she desired and the fuss she kicked up when it didn’t go her own way. I’m also a PwC and get no help from my children’s bio dad, truthfully I’d rather he play a role in their lives but he doesn’t want to know so I leave him to it, not worth the stress, I could never be like my husbands ex, shame she doesn’t see the harm she has caused. I don’t blame the op one bit, good for you mate

  • Richie says:

    I am the poster! And I assure you that this is 100% Genuine! I really appreciate the comments – especially from the ladies! I appreciate that all women are NOT the same! I just happened to marry the WORST example of them all!!!

    Cheers guys!


  • Gonk says:

    Well done mate, great post. And I’m 100% on your side, agree with every word you write.
    Makes my blood boil knowing my slut of an ex screwed around and left me to live with the twat and took my daughter with her for him to raise and play daddy to her.
    Then I get to pay £300 a month to the bitch for the privilege, knowing she just pisses my money away as she pleases. I am just a bank/ATM machine to this c***t and my daughter is the cash cow for her.
    I’d fuck off tomorrow to get away from paying the bitch ex and instead put the money away for who should really benefit from it….my DAUGHTER not the fucking mother.

  • Richie says:

    Cheers dude .. and agreed! Im soooo looking forward to posting a little hand written note through her door as Im on the way to the airport telling her that she wont be getting another penny from me!

    She’s currently aware of the plans but she thinks Im bluffing … of course she does!! Well I am sure to have the last laugh! Cant afford the payments on your new house now can you? Welcome to the world you put me in 9 months ago!!!

    She can literally swivel on her fat ass. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • Gonk says:

    That’s what’s so wrong with the csa and the money grabbing ex’s that use it as easy money.
    I, like you are not against supporting my daughter, but loath the fact that I’m just topping up my ex’ s and her partners salary every month.
    I’m bled nearly 4 grand a yr to that bitch, and I know she ain’t putting any of that money aside for my daughters future…..nothing…jack shit. If I still pay to her 20th birthday? I will have handed over 40+ grand to that slut and my daughter will have benefited zero from all that money. She will have none of it.
    The way I see it is my ex and her partner should be raising my daughter since she lives with them and they both wanted me out of the picture. Why should I pay those 2 fucks to raise a daughter the mother took away from me.
    Love to see your ex’s face when she’s told by the csa, there’s no more money for you, you’re ex has left the UK lol….lol….lol……..do it man…do it

  • juliette says:

    Good luck to you I hope it works out for you.
    We are being screwed over by the CSA and an unemployable multi-breeder whose two eldest have also followed her example. If either f us had a skill that could be transported abroad we would be off, but sadly we shall be in poverty until our pensionable years.
    And before the “your children deserve money” brigade get going, it has never been a question of supporting them. It is the fact that it is absolutely impossible to deal in any professional of humane way with t hat bunch of incompetent tossers that are the CSA.

  • eve32 says:

    ‘Fat Cow, bitch, slut, benefit freak, greedy mothers’ are some of the slurs used to describe you ex’s. That you chose to sleep with or have a relationship that produced children. Please in future abstain from sexual intercourse or get the snip.

  • Richie says:

    Oh poor ‘Eve32’ …. have you even read the post? Jog on! 😉

  • Kirk says:

    I couldn’t agree more I am in exactly the same situation although as yet I still see my children but I do wonder when she will dig her evil claws in yet again as a father I do agree with the fact you should be paying for your children as we all should I just wonder if when your settled you set up a DD to you “fat cake eating money grabbing ex wife” labeling it child maintenance, this way when your child asks “why didn’t you send any money “ as you can rest assured her innocent mind is being poisoned, you can show every transaction and prove you have been the best Dad your ex would allow shifting the blame and changing the attitude in your daughters mind
    Good luck for your new life here’s hoping us GOOD DADS get justice one day

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