I’ve finally beat the CSA

June 9, 2015

Im expecting to get abuse from all you greedy mothers on here but TBH I do not care anymore!

I appear to have just paid for my Fat Cow of an ex wife to move into a 4 bed detatched house as a result of her withholding my 12 yr old daughter! I already have a shared residence order and this means NOTHING in the eyes of the law it would seem … my daughters mind has been thoroughly poisoned against me & my partner and I have not seen her since last August!

Well we have decided to move abroad! I will work self employed doing the same job as I am now but based in malta where that thieving, greedy excuse of a human being cannot get her filthy hands on my hard earned cash again!

The CSA will be informed of this just before we move so that they cannot chase me – if Im not working and not claiming then I cannot be assessed!

‘But you should be paying for your child …’ I hear all you money hungry women shouting … well yes! And I will. I have set up a bank account for my daughter and she will be getting a monthly payment from me of which she will receive once she has realised how evil her mother is and becomes my child again!

Is this a victory? In my eyes YES! Although I may not be able to see my child, I will be able to Not have contact somewhere nice and warm with no danger of my hard earned cash paying for my fat tw*t of an ex to eat cake!

Bring on the abuse – I really don’t care anymore! I have finally won!


  • Stuart Hogg says:

    Hope it all turned out well I’m going through this at min

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