I’ve been overpaying but the money I’m owed back has just gone missing

April 18, 2013

I have three kids by two mothers. When I left the second mother the CSA calculated the payments to the fist mother taking into account that i didn’t live with my other children (Rightly so) and because I was waiting for the case to be set up but was paying via a private agreement they didnt take into account that I was paying for two other children so she was getting more than she should.

As a result when the case for the second mother was sorted out, they decided I had overpaid the first mother and for the last two months have phoned her to tell her that she will get less than £5 for the whole month yet are still taking the full amount from my account. I have phoned them so many times asking where this money is going but all they say is they will send me a statement that never really makes sense and thats it!

I know mother number two didnt get it because they were aware of the private agreement and there were no arrears when the case started, in fact there ended up being a £300 overpayment to her because their bloody payment system couldnt cope and I had to make a card payment to clear “arrears” that were not really arrears before the direct debits would start.

I really want to know what is going on with the money!