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It’s the good people that get screwed by the system

My story is a short one. Got a job and notified the CMS before starting. No payment calculation sent out, nevertheless I paid my ex based on my last payment. They sent letters to an address I didn’t give them, then I called up and asked what was happening and updated my contact details. Months after the sent me a calculation with months of arrears. I have not missed a months payment at all. The new payment is £50 more and has been under a year so not sure how I have racked up thousands of pounds of arrears. They sent me a letter threatening leagal action, I paid and they said issued a deduction of earnings. Now they want more than double of what I should be paying.

Like someone above i was tricked into a baby, but I never held this against the baby as it’s not his fault. I want to provide as that is the right thing to do. She has not worked since she had him and is treating me as an ATM.

I am at a crossroads of quitting my job as I can’t afford to live and pay unjust arrears whilst she sits and gets everything handed to her.

For all the women on here slating men, it’s the good people that get screwed by the system. The bad ones play the system well.

I’d appreciate any help with this.


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