It’s hard work getting the money for my child from the CSA

June 20, 2013

briefly…the father said he had paid from day one 1996, i am on benefits so didnt get first payment till child 9years of age, no backdate payments. then new rules 2005 had all monies paid to me be it sporadic and months missing but these were backdated.

In 2006 they say i owe £1200, got MP involved, debt wiped, now in 2013 debt has appeared again £1300 but when i said from 2008 things changed and i’m allowed £20 alongside my benefits now, the debt went down.

so i now have to pay the CSA back £476 so they can pay the father due to the FACTS THEY NOW HAVE IN THE RECENT REVIEW. 1st one since 2005 and it was offered to me. so they set up a schedule of payments for me and have still not sent me a breakdown of the debt so i can see it, I HAVE ASKED ON MORE THAN ON OCASSION.

They took the first part of the debt payment from my CSA money in June but have yet to pay me my last payment before the schedule started in May £91.63 not included in the payment schedule they have sent me.

Would be nice to have someone help me with this because they change the goal posts regularly. its hardwork trying to get money they have been paid by the father to pay for his child…i often ask is it worth it?