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It should be a crime to abandon your children!

The CSA used to send me a letter of statement every year telling me how much my ex ‘should’ pay me for child maintenance which used to ‘upset’ me as they could never find him unless he was paying tax (which he hardly ever did) or if he was claiming a benefit which he did briefly. He was traced briefly and an arrangement was set but after 2 or 3 payments were taken from his earnings he ‘moved on’ and was untraceable again…this was very frustrating as they wrote to me saying they couldn’t enforce anything as he moved abroad, they were discontinuing my case.

He now lives a good life, has a wonderful income and 3 expensive cars and a jet ski! I and our children suffered great emotional and financial hardship. I believe that avoiding the responsibility to ‘support’ your children should be a criminal offence. My ex husband was ‘allowed’ a divorce and wouldn’t even pay my solicitors fees without sorting any child maintenance arrears and ‘got away’ with not helping me raise the children emotionally & financially. I find it very sad. Our lives could’ve and should’ve been less stressful. ‘I’ had a very hard time and suffered a breakdown. The children saw my pain and indeed suffer their own ‘pain’. He ‘disserted’ us and as I had no money I stood no chance of ‘fair play’/justice/support. ‘If’ he was ‘poor’ I could ‘understand’ if he was struggling but he was said to be earning around £60.000 a year..and I couldn’t ‘understand’ why he didn’t ever ask me ‘if’ we were ok. It’s just not good enough that the CSA can only trace law abiding people. It’s a crime to ‘make’ children and abandon responsibility.

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