Is my ex-husband right to stop paying?

January 26, 2014

My husband and I separated in June 2013 and I moved out because of his behaviour in July 2013. I moved in with my sister but because of over crowding have been forced to moved back during the month of October. My husband was paying £188 per month in child support for our 2 girls (aged 11 and 9).

When we moved back he stopped paying. Can you confirm if this correct? The girls are my responsibility I am their main carer taking them to and from school, doing homework, getting them ready for bed etc.

My husband has them on his own about once or twice a month. He works shifts either leaving at 7.30 till 2pm or starting at 2pm and returning at 10.30pm. He very rarely has to look after the girls on his own. I buy their clothes, school clothes, etc. I don’t want to challenge him on this if I’m not entitled to ask while we’re living together and selling our house.