Is it worth approaching CSA again?

August 25, 2015

when I split up from my eldest sons dad 6 yrs ago I had to go on income support(for 3 months) I was told that I would not be allowed it unless I gave them details for the C.S.A about my ex which I did.I received a letter nearly a year later from the C.S.A to say I would not be allowed any money from the Ex as he earnt less than £5 a week. I phoned & was told they had done all their cheecks I did say how would he pay rent, food & ciggarettes on that but was told it was right. For the last 6yrs I have some maintence when he has felt like he is in a good job. Im not sure ewether it is worth going back to the C.S.A as I don’t know what they will say this time. my son is only 8.