Inept CSA and courts have made me sick

April 17, 2015

My wife’s gone to Dubai for the second time. I’m being forced to pay for my son which I have no qualms about if it’s for him. I’ve had more than 40% taken from my wage on a few occasions now. CSA have automatically responded by now taking 40%every other month which means they’re still going over the allowed the percentage but skipping a month now when they only take out the 15% for my one son.

I’m still trying to make sense of this crazy world we live in. Where money and the right to protect ones own childs financial and emotional future is deliberately taken away from one parent and put into the hands of another with out knowing either parents.

My son was believed to be abused by his mother to an extent where she would lock him up in a cupboard when an infant,but this was only the tip of the iceberg, I was unable to get custody of him despite SS reports in favour of me – i had no money to afford the solicitors at this stage being In substantial debt to solicitors already . I encountered stereotyping and racism in courts and the social worker absconded knowing what was to come despite being on my side.

Given my income capability, I now look forward to living alone never being able to afford to get married and no financial security for my own future. Sometimes having an income of £300 after all my deductions, this is not enough to live on. When the mother has been receiving over £300 a month of me for almost a year and half.

After my contact and ancillary court battle I had to pay a combined some of £15000 Approx to the solicitors, a further £25000 to my ex, when I don’t even have a home of my own. She now lives in a council property drives a BMW and often goes to trips abroad when having only declared to be working for the first time just over a year ago as a beautician in court and only in the custody battle.

Having worked 15/16 hrs a day on occasions I am now quite literally sick of it all. And find myself not able to work as much as I use to. I can see myself becoming unemployed soon.

I hope the judge who asked me where the social worker was on account of her being from the same community goes through a turmoil similar to mine if not worse in this world and the next.