Incompetent CSA means that I’m not paying the morally right amount

January 24, 2015

I have exhausted every single avenue to pay my ex wife for my two children. Currently i work for various agencies and the CSA had advised me to submit wage slips and a cover letter to them for re assessment.

I had done this at least five weeks ago to find out that they have been sent to another office or even lost , and advised to send them again. In the meantime i have been paying a flat rate to my ex for my two children which frankly is not enuff for me , but due to the insistance of the CSA , this is all i have to pay.

Untill re-assessment aftere AGAIN recieving my wage slips. With me being on a low income at present i feel that it will be a flat rate payment..but i have always been willing to pay my ex through a personal agreement..which i will use my savings to pay her..but she still refuses and also refuses maintenance direct. I dont know what to do.

I have offered her money directly into her acc but she does not want it,,,so it looks like flat rate it will be…which moraly hurts me..when i can pay her some more ..i just dont understand.

The CSA have been messing around with this for such a long time and it is now making me ill with anxiety.I paid my maintenace religiously for 6 years untill i became ill and lost my job. I had been on SSP and JSA allowance for a period and then some short time agency work , less than £100 pw..which still is the flat rate ,,but she refuses any more money from me..making me ill and anxious.

Any advise please? Thanks.