I’m undergoing deep depression and the CSA want over £900 from me

July 11, 2014

I have been looking after 3 children an 8 yr old a 6 yr( two girls) old for over 4 years as a step father and a 2 1/2 yr old, a boy, he is my own son, I am in rented accomodation and i have been suffering from deep depression for close to 5 yrs due to an x wife desperatly trying to destroy my life. she took my two children away from me through lies.

I apparently owe the system over £900 i can not pay this as the rent for the house is over £570 per month and if you include all other bills the about exceeds £1000 p month. I have been living off the small ammount i got from the sale of the FMH, this money is now practicaly all gone.

I do not have sufficne t funds to pay the £900 but i am willing to pay £5 per week.

I had a phone call today from the csa and it took me by suprize. i have not been putting off contacting the csa, i have just been undergoing deep depression and have been to my GP on numerouse occations with a plee for help.