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I’m the victim of an extremely corrupt government agency

I had a very brief relationship with a womant that i ended abruptly. She told me she was pregnant “so you can’t end it”. The trouble is I’m convinced she was pregnant when we first met. She had morning sickness which she clamined was food poisoning. Moving on the baby was born and she asked me for £1500 which she said was for clothes etc. I told her I didn’t believe I was the father I wanted a DNA test. She shouted obscenities down the phone at me and hung up.

Several months later I had a call from an obnoxious csa woman demanding I submit a dna sample to my Dr. A subsequent test came back positive. Two days later the csa called me saying, “by now you’ve got the results so how are you going to pay”, I replied saying “I don’t believe the results sure you people didnt tamper with it”. She started talking to someone else but I couldn’t make out what she was saying because she put her hand over the reciever, then the line went dead. 3 weeks later someone else called me back using the same words, before I got halfway through my reply she interrupted saying “get your own test done and we’ll refund any money if the test comes back negative as long as its from a reputable lab”. They sent me a list of labs.

I spent the next 7 years trying to fight the csa and at the same time get a dna sample from the mother. I’ve lost in court every time because no one in authority will take me seriously, the magistrate in the last case even went as far as to try and ridicule me, laughing in the process. My evidence is all circumstantial with nothing I could take to court. The mother has told me she’d never give me a DNA sample even if directed to by the court. I’ve since found out no court will order a mother to hand over a child’s DNA sample unless its a court directed official test but I’m not interested in that because the same system that tampered with the first will do it again to the second so I’m the victim of an extremely corrupt government agency. I thought I’d give it one last try by asking the mother for a sample, she refused saying “there’s nothing to stop you using a friend’s dna”, so I suggested to her we meet, she come along with the child’s dna and she can watch me take a swab from my mouth, we put them in a jiffy bag and she can watch me address it and put it in the mailbox. This is the first time she hasn’t answered an e-mail from me.

P.S. I wrote to the PM about this, my accusation was passed onto the W&P dept. They asked me what my evidence was against them. I wrote them a 4 page document telling them how I know the child isn’t mine, therefore the positive test result must have been manipulated. I ended the letter asking them how many other unsuspecting men are they doing this to. Their reply was to get my own test done.

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