I’m the mother and CSA is taking too much from me

July 26, 2012

This is all such a nightmare…I am the Mum of a boy who has been coerced into living with his dad after an acrimonious split 2 and a half years ago. Both kids lived with me and I never went to CSA as he was abusive and I knew he would make my life hell if I claimed money from him after I had the audacity to leave him.

My son now lives with his dad.

CSA contected me and said I have to pay £200 a month but this leaves me with £35 a month to live on as I managed to buy a small home for myself and the kids after I left him and have struggled to keep it ever since. I simply wont be able to manage. I accept that I have to pay for my son but may have to sell my house. I am now worried that CSA wil some how take some of the equity from the sale as well. I simply don’t know where to turn 🙁