I’m being treated like a mug by ex and CSA!

February 19, 2016

I’m after some advice the csa have got me down for having my 2 kids 2 nights every other week where as I actually have them 3 nights every other week plus at least 4 weeks a year, I have told the csa this they supposedly reassessed me & then after 3 months I contacted them as I’d not heard anything they said that they wouldn’t be changing my payments as there was non court order in place.

I am sick of being treated like a mug by the csa & my ex she hasn’t even talked to me since she left me only contact is through text message She has forced me to buy school uniforms even though I pick my kids up from school on friday afternoon & return them to school on a monday morning. Now she has started in school holidays dropping the kids off & makes them get changed into clothes I am having to buy them on top of what I am paying her through the csa. I don’t mind paying for my kids but I feel like I’m paying for them twice I haven’t had a proper holiday for 8 years while my ex who works part time her partner doesn’t even work manage to go on holiday at least twice sometimes 3 times a year, is there any thing or anyone who can help meas I am really struggling?