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I’m being pursued and threatened, but the father is unknown

Hi, i have been having alot of trouble with the csa i hope someone can give me advice.

An ex partner contacted me out of the blue in 2010 saying she was pregnant and it was mine.. this just didnt add up so i disputed it when the first csa letter landed in. They sent me letter after letter and i called them back every time. They stopped for about 6 months by this time i had moved to england for work where they tracked me down to say i didnt show for a dna. I explained i had moved and did not get that letter. They basically said tough i had to pay money for the child or face imprisonment and i had to pay for my own dna. It was going to take me a while to save the money up for it.

Meanwhile they told the mother if it was proven i was not the father she would have to repay me. After hearing this she dropped the case. A year later a different csa rep contacted me saying the were going to take payments from me and said they had no record of what had happened before. The mother has told them she doesnt know who the father is but they continue to threaten me and basically to say the payments will stop once i pay for my own dna which i cannot afford. I am so stressed out about this and i really need some help and advice. Can they keep pursuing me and threatening me with jail when they know the father is unknown?

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