I’m being chased for arrears, 11 years after the case was closed!

April 4, 2013

My marriage ended in 1995 and I was forced to pay thousands to the CSA. I recently received a letter claiming “arrears” I will use this platform, local press, national media, MP, etc to fight this inefficient, uncaring agency. I believe this agency is due to be disbanded. This maybe why they are chasing me to balance their books……..OVER 11 years after their own case was officially closed!

The letter states the arrears as £548.33 and later in the same letter a different amount of £543.33.

When I was paying the CSA in the late 90’s to 2001 I was led to believe the money was used to offset the benefits my ex wife was claiming.

I have written to them asking them for full information about this as follows:

Under the Data protection act and the freedom of information act I request the following information:
1. A full detailed account of all monies paid by me to your agency.
2. Exactly how you arrived at the “arrears” figure and which amount are you claiming that I owe?
3. Please show clear and detailed account of how my money was dispersed and to which agencies. (What did you do with my money?) 4. Reason why a case that was closed in 2001 is now in arrears over 11 years later.

I strongly believe that all of my hard earned money paid to the CSA was never used to benefit my children. If I had not paid the CSA, the benefits paid to my ex wife would have remained unchanged.

This latest letter gives no reason why arrears are due, and there are 2 conflicting amounts.

(Part of my letter to Peter Bone MP)

If, as I suspect, the CSA simply used my money to support the CSA will you back my claim, not only to have have this demand for “arrears” dropped, but a refund of all monies paid?