I’ll end up on the streets thanks to the CSA

February 17, 2014

Hi i have a private arrangment wiv my ex for my daughter total out of no where csa hit me with a bill for none payment ive explain that i have a private arrangment wiv my ex partner they say that she wants the full amount,i carnt aford the money they want as i live alone 4yrs ago when we split i tookout a bank loan paid all of my ex debts, the loan was 4 15ooo

ive done overtime worked and worked i have 18 month left 2 pay this debt, i do not get any benifits i only have my income i buy my daughter cloths ive taken her on holiday given her money when i could ive tried 2 be adad she doesnt understand that if i dont work overtime i will end up on the streets, i have no mum and dad 2 turn 2 for surport they recently died,i beleave that thease ppl who work for the csa judge every bloke in the same way,its like goin on the dole you work hard all ur life then at some point u end up on the dole and then everyone sees you as a dole dosser, are all the women that work for the csa divorced oneparent mothers, my ex partner used2 work up untill we split now gets every benifit council tax paid rent paid she claims 2 have a disabilty they are so stupid at that places if they had looked in 2 her case with d,v,l,a they would see she had been drivein a normal car and is not disabled shes down the pub 5 nites a week playin darts partyin 3 hoildays a yr and wants even more money from me throu the csa, y y carnt the csa look at all the money she gets look at her life style then look at the dads life i sit in my flat 7 days a week waitein 2 go 2 work, i waite 4 the next monthly pay i may aswell give up go and live on the streets cause thats where ill end up thanks 2 the csa