I want to work but CSA makes it impossible

March 4, 2011

My marriage came to an end in 1998 through no fault of my own, i felt suicidal and depressed and decided to leave scotland for england where things did not get any better and spiraled deep into drugs and alcohol for many years. During that time i did not sign on dole and maybe worked all together one year out of seven before i returned to scotland, as from 2005 to date the csa seems to think i owe them 33,000 pounds, i have not earned that in my life time, i have been on dole for three years and paying them 10 pound a fortnight.

I am 42 years of age and feel totally trapped by them, i know most of this is my fault but i have never signed on the dole until i was 36 years old. surely they need proof either from tax information or something. I am desperately wanting to work but know they will whack me, can you offer me some help please?