I used to work for the CSA and I’d never advise anyone to get involved with them

November 26, 2013

I worked at the CSA Clerical Case Unit in Bolton for a year (till I was lucky enough to escape to another job) and having seen the way it works I totally sympathise with people who have complaints.

The whole purpose of the place is to get as much money out of NRP’s as possible to meet Government targets. Having said that I saw cases where NRPs had never paid anything for years so some of them deserved to be hounded for payment.

Standards are low, management is poor with constant changes in working practices and ‘new initiatives’. This could mean staff being taken off the cases they are working on to do something else, leaving their clients with unacceptable waits for their cases to be dealt with.

Training is inadequate, with new employees being given complex cases that they can’t possibly have the experience to deal with.

Good experienced staff (and there are plenty of them) are not allowed to process cases correctly, they just have to get them through quickly and ‘get them paying’.

The Data Protection Act makes it even more difficult to communicate properly with clients and the computer systems are outdated and slow.

Everything is delayed by bureaucracy.

Everything is about targets so cases cannot be dealt with properly.

I would say to anybody I know NEVER get involved with the CSA


  • Pete says:

    Well what a surprise to hear something we already knew, Tell you what XCSAworker2, Can you kindly furnish me with staff names that commit fraudulant acts, And also make up fictious arrears, Oh and how come Bolton which we all no is full of lies, deciet, and pathological liars, You expect sympathy about discloseing what we already no, Why dont you do the right thing and compile a report and post the report for all to see, Or is it because you signed a document forbidding you to expose your so called vermin, Remember the civil service code of conduct you signed and are still legaly bound by it, One day this will bite every single csa worker
    and i hope that they are all prosecuted to the full extent of the law, You have whilst working for then caused nothing but pain suffering and bring responsible for many suicides, You choose to wotk for the scum yes scum, and in my eyes once a scum csa worker always a scum csa worker, Now if you wnat to do something thats right for your integrity WHISTLE BLOW names dates etc etc, you no the score, If you cannot comply with that very small instruction, I advise you to take a good long long in the mirror as all you will see is a CSA scum worker that has caused nothing but unjust pain on others.

  • Woody says:

    Yes excsaworker,
    Pete is spot on with his post, BLOODY WHISTLE BLOW, do the right thing! If you have an ounce of decency left do something to put right what you have done to people, and Pete is correct many many suicides, i know someone personnally who committed suicide because of the csa.
    Blood is on your hands mate, do something to put that right, otherwise karma is comming to you people!

  • Pete says:

    Cheers Woody,
    Had to be said, Now lets see if he/she be it CSAworker2 does the right thing, i doubt it very much, I hope that what ever is coming and yes its coming thick and fast. each and evryone one of the evil bastards whom have nothing but posion for blood, are brought to task, XCSA worker2 you choose to work for them, You choose to inflict unjust pain and suffering,You choose to lie to clients, customers, by covering up shoody unproffessional standards, You are just as guilty irrespective if you have sought employment eleswhere, If you have any empathy, Like i say WHISTLE BLOW, i will gladly give you my email address for you to send me your evidence. i will be watching this post,

  • Pete says:

    Oh and just to point out XCSworker2, you say that theye are only interested in targets to get more money, Well let me tell you, Can you explain why i have a letter from a senior manager saying that they dont use targets, mmmmmmm, seems even senior managers are full of it as well, I await your response in anticipation,

  • XCSAworker2 says:

    Sorry but there is no proof you are not allowed to remove papers or emails and you are right staff are bound by confidentiality agreements.

    Do you really think it would make a difference some ex-staff member going on about stuff that happens there without any proper proof? What planet are you on?

    I had to keep a roof over my head like other people and only went to work there after being out of work for months with nothing else around.

    I have NOT been responsible for suicides and did the best I could for the clients I had to deal with.

    Plus after reading some of these responses I would not want any contact with you Pete you sound a very nasty guy

  • Woody says:

    You were part of a corrupt system that has resulted in suicides, there is no denying that excsaworker

  • pete says:

    Oh XCSAworker2, Me nasty never, My point was, as you are fully aware is wrong and biased, As for keeping a roof over your head, What about the poor people whom have ahd there homes taken due to false arrears and malaministration by the likes of your CSA scum colleagues, I would never ever work for the rancid shit of an orginisation, I have standards and a reputation, and just to point it it took me 3 years to prove that the bolton and falkirk office were full of lies and deceit in regards to fictious arrears made up by the scum. So please explain that one, Nasty no, but bloody annoyed and pissed off with the likes of people like you that are incompetent and incapable of doing the job right, And as you say no proof, What a load of bollocks you speak, thats typical from an ex csa worker”The last time i heard something like that there was a farmmer stood behind a cow shovelling it”. So do me a favour ask your self this question “Whats that hair on your top lip,” the answer is simple “Stop talking like a cunt” As you say again your are not allowed to remove papers, that may be so, However you have seen and possibly witnesed wrong doings, And as for confidentiality issues, how come there are still issues where csa have breached the data protection on so many levels, also how many lifes and famalies have been destroyed by the csa, how many poor people have been pushed to the limits, The system if thats what you can call it is not a system, Its target related and bonus related the more money the better, So i ask the question why not whistle blow, it may not make a differnce but at least if you did, It would show that you left for all the right reasons or should i say right reasons, mmmmmmmm,

  • lisa says:

    “The whole purpose of the place is to get as much money out of NRP’s as possible to meet Government targets. Having said that I saw cases where NRPs had never paid anything for years so some of them deserved to be hounded for payment”

    To quote the above CSA worker whatever your name is, we all know they work for targets, this is a known fact, what i dont agree with is the staff getting bonuses for making so many mistakes, you quoted also above that some men deserve to be hounded, why is this?? Do you know whats happened outside of CSA, we didnt know a CSA case was open and had a private arrangement with the ex till she became a greedy bitch and wanted more, the cases had lain dormant for many years because the staff were to lazy and incompetent to care whether any money came into the agency, lets see here, the agency only chase easy PAYE targets that have paid above and beyond, they think they are above the law, THEY ARE NOT, so do us all a favour and blow the whistle to the right departments, show the agency for what they are, its all a con, the biggest yet, do the right thing and put these mistakes right, unless of course all your bothered about is causing a shit storm on here just like the other CSA workers that we have exposed before and published residential addresses??

  • Paul says:

    Xcsaworker2 – Everyone makes mistakes, you obviously realised yours and got out I am sure that there are others who have done the same. Like others have said ‘whistle blowing’ would help the thousands who are currently in a system that they never wanted anything to do with.

    I know if I was in your position my conscious would not allow me to carry on with my life knowing that I did nothing to try and make things write for those who are persecuted on a daily basis by a corrupt and immoral agency.

    Above all else though you owe it to those who ended up taking their own lives leaving the very children that this organisation pretends to care about ‘Orphans’

    All you need to do is say you would like to try and help and you will have taken the first step.

  • Craig says:

    Word of the day – WHISTLEBLOW

  • Busylizzy says:

    Sir/Madam. Your post is nothing more than smoke and screens. Heard all before. Words but no action. But in this case subliminally recommending mutual agreement/arrangements. There is a saying “I might look green but I am not a cabbage” or to put it another way in youth culture “Jog On”.But most of all finally “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” so may I suggest you “Jog on” by either getting back to your job at the csa or MAKE A DIFFERENCE…..help those whom suffer at the hands of the csa,NRPs/Second Families/PWCs whom deserve your inside knowledge and help to make the csa FAIR FOR ALL. I leave it with you and your consience. Remember those who paid all these years under a mutual arrangement only to be hammered and backdated by the csa becouse the ex felt like it.

  • Woody says:

    Hey excsaworker,
    How about we tell you where to take all your information?
    Take it to your mp and demand something done to change the corrupt system?
    Go to the national newspapers and tell your story?
    Contact the news outlets like sky or bbc and do an annonymous interview?

    For gods sake man/woman grow a pair and change things, you will bloody be a hero!
    Rather than an evil sadist like the rest of csa scumbags!

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Great post.
    Please, please, please go to the media with your experiences and story.

  • dai says:


    you have spoken out – anonymously – which anyone can do. some of the comments are a bit OTT.

    but you carried on and did your job and were brainwashed into thinking some dads deserved a kicking – not realising that in the end its the kids that get kicked.

    I can only suggest that you look to your conscience – people have committed suicide because of the CSA – you took the view that it was alright to take someone’s house, money etc so that you could keep a roof over your head and had targets [orders] to obey. That was not an acceptable excuse in Nuremberg and is not one now except its seems in the UK. Kapos were those who sh@t on others so they did not get sh@t upon themselkves which seems to be what you are saying.

    Your conscience may have caught up with you but if typing anonymously was enough to salve your conscience then so be it but think of those who are continuing to suffer and those – your ex-colleagues – who are getting away with crimes-

    I suggest you read some of the quotes from Elie Weisel – a holocaust survivor. I would not demean the holocaust but i sometimes feel many who have crossed paths with the CSA feel like survivors.

    “Those who kept silent yesterday will remain silent tomorrow.”

    “One person of integrity can make a difference.”

    You cannot stay silent – “To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all.”

    “Whoever survives a test, whatever it may be, must tell the story. That is his duty.” so tell it.

    best of luck – i used to disbelieve germans who swore they did not know about concentration camps, now having witnessed what happens in the UK family courts I would tend the other way.

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    ***********APPEAL to the Ex CSA worker ********************************************

    GO TO THE PRESS – PLEASE!!! Ex CSA worker. You can be anon!!!!

    Is it not in breach of human rights how the NRP is treated?? The right to work, the right to adequate housing, the right to adequate food, the right to equality – as in the NRP is financially assessed but the PWC isn’t!! The basic human right for a person to have an adequate standard of living is not something the CSA seem aware of when it comes to taking child support payments from a NRP, leaving them with not enough money to live on, and get to work even…they will not then be able to work!! All down to the CSA payments. This must change, to be non discriminatory and fair. For the children, the NRP and the PWC.

    WHO in this age of austerity (lower or frozen wages coupled with higher utility bills/food/petrol/housing costs) could survive with 20% (example for 2 kids) of their wages ‘lopped off’ and still have enough to live on???

    Also DEO’s are in breach of the employment law act section 13 ‘the right not to suffer unauthorised deductions’ !! YET they still continue to get away with it.

    HELP NRP’s by whistleblowing……….you will ultimately be helping the most important people in the long run…the children!!!

    Equal assessing both parents is the ONLY fair way. Both parents are 50% financially responsible for kids, so by assessing only one parent – NRP, that is UNFAIR, UNEQUAL and results in one parent struggling, that is the NRP, and who suffers??? ………. ultimately the kids do don’t they!!


  • terry scott says:

    Can we organise a gathering? Do people have the time and money.

    We need action! Not words. I going to setup CSA.tv on youtube as a channel. Could I interview anyone to talk about how the CSA has affected your lives.

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    @ Terry Scott. YES PLEASE!!
    Please provide the link to what you have set up on youtube and do this in a separate post as well on this site to promote it.

  • Ally B says:

    We should make a stand down tools why continue to line there pockets? How the f–ck can anyone with a conscience work for a company like them? I don’t have a problem paying maintenance at a reasonable level in which I can also live myself.

    But when you make so many stupid decisions and mistakes your whole setup is fraudulent and corrupt and it has blood on its hands you cause nothing but misery and have taken alot of decent people from this world. What for? They were only trying to
    Do there best for the people they love.

    F–ck the system and f–ck the CSA f–ck these money grabbing parasites and corrupt system.

    Anyone facing debt? Lets get as much money as we can together a build a community live off the land we can do this if enough people were game we don’t need money to continue onwards each of us will bring something unique to the table.

    Our kids will be inspired by this

  • John says:

    I am making it my business to live long enough to see a class action against these brainless f–kwits, and when it happens, I want my day in court to see Execs and staff sent down, and all its’ victims awarded mass compensation.

    What happens between parents and THEIR children, is F–k all to do with these, interfering, incompetent oafs!

  • karl says:

    im having to pay for my 16 yr old lad even though he’ll be earning more than me in the army. their excuse is because he is at army college it further education.

  • Jon says:

    Hi Terry. I know thos is ages ago but I’d like to take part in this interview anon. Csa now the CMS are completely incompetent, put on arrears out of nowhere every year in my annual review. Constantly having to do mandatory reconsiderations. They are charging me £70 more per month then the online calculator states. I’ve made every payment to date on time and in full. The figures used in my calculation match theirs. So how have they got it so badly wrong

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