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I think CSA are holding onto my payments again

I started off with problems but for well over a year, everything was pretty much regular, except one time it was a few days later than normal. This time it’s about a week late, and all I got was the same nonsense that they have to wait until the employer pays them, but they pay it out on the 5th of every month and my ex said it’s still coming out as normal, so there can’t be any problems there, surely. It’s now the 17th of the month and it’s usually in by the 10, or 11th. I have gone to my local MP, as I had to do this once before and she got them moving. It’s coming up to Christmas, so they would be having their get togethers and slowing down,but that does not help my case. The MP said they will contact them tomorrow. I was also once told by a former CSA worker that no only were they inept, but they do hold onto payments.

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