I see the CSA as a good scheme

September 11, 2013

When I was first contacted by the CSA, I felt hurt, Why ME? On my birthday too.I support my children, I pay a regular amount by standing order and left my ex-wife with a substantial settlement when we seperated on this mutual agreement.

Now I se it as a good scheme, forcing parnts to take financial responsibility for their children. I do think the government should credit the parents that do face up to this responsibility, with tax breaks, maybe take the amount form their Net earnings instead of their Gross salary.

Parents and families in all statuses recieve financial assistance from the government, through family tax credits, working tax credits, social security , child benefit etc…. The only people form my experience that do not, are Estranged parents. at first I felt like I was being hurded up and treated like a bad father, now i see this scheme as a fundamental part of being an estranged parent, it takes away another of those areas that can be difficult to agree on.

I feel the tax break would be well deserved for the unsung parents who make contributions to thier childrens lives in difficult circumstances.


  • John says:

    Important matters involving children belong in the courts with professional accredited lawyers, and not tin the hands of grade 1 office staff.

    There have been attempts to demonise me and criminalise me for 13 years. I cannot tell you the amount of stress that I have to suffer from incompetent staff at the CSA through maladministration on a large scale over many years.

    This system is interfering in private family lives, it is not fit for purpose and is shambolic. whoever dreamt it up should be lined up and shot!

    Any decent parent wants to provide for their children, but should not have to deal with the sh-t, that these people give out!

    Never mind tax breaks…………shut this debacle down!

  • lee mcvey says:

    I am a real person, with a real experience. It can be difficult to agree on a practical issue when there is so much emotion involved, the csa role is never going to be a popular one, whatever the outcome. I used to sit in pubs and talk and moan about changing everything about myself, including government schemes, in my personal experience, it’s easier to change yourself, than others, why make the problem that big? Change comes from within not without. I’m pleased I took responsibility for my part, and for the record, I don’t not take drugs, I take responsibility, maybe you could too, stop living with this resentment, it will not benefit you or others. Have a wonderful day!

  • carrie says:

    Good for you & lets hope you never fall foul to the way of this organisation then.We have found that they treat nrp like rubbish and gave the pwc the right to be believed against us! We consider we are conscientious parents who looked after the children & always paid for them but lets hope the pwc is always happy with what you provide otherwise you will be singing a different tune like us!! They have treated us with nothing short of contempt-not believing us against the word of our pwc despite having years of payments to her( proven by bank statements )they say she has to admit she TOOK it as Ch/maintenance.Former marital house was sold all debts cleared by my husband.. she even had money as well .What else could it be ?Oh & if she wasn’t getting anything for all those years dont they think she might have said something sooner? I smell a rat !

  • lee says:

    What a bunch of suspicious cynical people on here, its time to adapt and accept change, If only people could spot thier own mistakes as well as they spot spelling mistakes. I gave my perspective based on my own experience, try looking at things from a different perspective than you own and those that agree with you, and you may be enlightened by a fresh way of thinking. My number is 07710158765 should anyone wish to confirm that I am a real person, with a real experience and a real opinion.

  • John says:

    Karma. Man

    Yeah, I give my opinion the way I see it.

    It’s a shit system, run by shitheads, who don’t give a shit about anything but their bonuses and interfering in private family lives. Especially mine for 13 years.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    So, there you have it my perspective!

  • john says:

    what is this an employee of the month application forctge csa’s biggest knob head. You total tosser! Just you wait untik they cock up and hunt you down ruin your life and strip your new partners earnings to pay for YOUR kids regardless of your ex’s financial situation, oh, and you will pay all benefit s back she claims if she turns into what 90 percent of these scumbag lazy trollops do and watch jezza all day.
    liken it to this buy a porsche , insure it maintain it and then watch while someone else destroys it over years and years and there is not a god damn thing that you can do about it.
    what a silly nieve prick you are.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    it’s early days and you are going through a honeymoon period with the CSA.
    Given it a year or two, when your pay drops but your payments don’t.
    When you have a problem and you spend hours on the phone being transferred from one incompetent to another, many contradicting each other or giving incorrect advise.

    When you reply to letters but you receive no acknowledgement let alone a reply.

    When you make payments as required, on time and then receive the fictitious arrears letter.

    Let us know how you get on in two or more years time.

  • lee mcvey says:

    It’s amazing how volatile some these comments are, I wouldn’t insult someone I’d have never met before, it’s unfounded for one, and secondly it’s cowardly. I would suggest finding some courage to deal with things a little better. I would much rather deal with csa than my ex wife. If the csa are involved, it’s either because the Mum is unreasonable, the dad is unreasonable, or they both are. Either way, it’s better to have an intermiediary, it’s just one less bullet from the gun. I empathise with estranged dad’s more than most, as I am one. I was only trying to help, I don’t thi k it’s healthy to live in resentment, in my personal experience, it takes the attention from life’s other pleasures, that we can so easily take for granted. I hope all those who have or are experiencing problems in life or with the csa, resolve them.

  • John says:

    Wait until the wheels come off,

    Pete Brown, has got you sussed!

  • lee says:

    Good luck John!!

  • John says:

    Who needs luck when I have brains?

    Clocks ticking!

  • Sam says:

    Numerous computer system errors, rude staff who are ill equipped and no obligation for the CSA to ensure the child has contact with the NRP. The idea of the CSA is a good one, enforce payment to ensure a child is cared for financially. However, more damage is caused emotionally by not enforcing visitation for both parents to the child, creating a generation of angry young people with no role models.

    I pay my CSA monthly, I have had a nervous breakdown from not being able to see my daughter, whose mother does not want to get a job because she seems to be on easy street due to the welfare state and money which should be for my daughter (another, more personal matter for another page.)

    The problem is that the CSA does not care about the child, it only cares about the bottom line – do the numbers balance, etc.. Enforcing joint access to the child on a regular basis with penalties for the parent who does not show or makes excuses (providing one of the parents are not abusive) should be the first priority. the clue is in the name CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY!

    I was told by a member of the CSA management over the phone that she knew the system is floored, if their own staff don’t believe in the system and cant make it work, then it should not be run the way it is. Or, there needs to be a dissolution of the CSA (not a re-branding) in order to rebuild from the ground up.

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