I lost my home trying to support kids, while ex was claming benefits

January 13, 2016

Like all involved with csa we as the outed parent feel agreeved why does the other partener get all the goods.i have a son of 27 years old that lives with me and my partener i have a daughter ov 19 that still lives with her mam and partener.i we have been seperated for almost 15 years in that time both of my children have resided with me gave them the best life i could give them cars holidays driving liecences lost my home payed payments in excess of over £63000 now am on my feet my question when she was claiming child tax credits should she have told the tax credit allowance the monies she was recieving of me by csa she also had a partener in all this time.i would like to share any imformation on this matter.name and contact can be provided.