I hope nobody else ever has to feel this anguish

November 7, 2013

Four weeks after our divorce was finalised, an unpleasant experience, dad is left to bring up his three sons full time. Maintenance continued to be paid for the next 18 months, when on agreement ,willingly,it was agreed to stop payments.

Two years later the CSA were in touch with dad having been asked to make an assessment, resulting in a Nil amount to be paid. 15 months later dad was summoned to Norwich County Court for the mistreatment of his sons, at this 20 minute meeting, three sons and there dad were separated. Shortly afterwards the CSA were in touch with dad, having made a further notional assessment to pay monies to them, having several liability orders imposed, visits from bailiffs,notice of impoundment of the car,imminent imprisonment and notices through the land registry on the family home.

It is hoped the anguish this family, particularly these 3 fine sons have been subject to never happens again –

thankyou for listening.

david king