I have to give work up because I can’t afford it anymore

December 10, 2013

I have just got a letter for 8000 back dated they are takin 155 per week leaving me with nothing. iv got to give work up and my rented house as i cannott affort it iv contacted them to say its wrong but they still want the money i see my son every 2 weeks through cort order as she dont want me to have him every week like i used to cos csa will reduce payments…


  • Adrian says:

    To give up at this point may cause more damage to yourself. Fight the csa and if you don’t get what you want then at least you can hold your head up high and say well I tried. It sounds like there taking the full 40% you need to write a letter if complaint and copy your local mp into it. Aim at getting it down to 30% or lower if you can. Once you have dealt with that then obtain your data file and argue about the arrears. It’s a shame it comes to this cause the only one that suffers are the kids. I’ve just learnt that the goverment have scrapped the universal credit computer system at a cost of 40 million pounds. This winds me up like a treat. How can they waste all that money and still have the nerve to chase a measly 8k ??? They grind the working man down to a point where nothing is worth less than nothing. So basically the moral of the story is your better of jumping from employment agency to employment agency and going self employed.
    The staff at the csa are on the lowest pay grade through out the dwp. There’s no incentive for them to help people. There better of calling them selfs bailiffs cause basically that is the only role they know. I.e to collect money and break human rights. Shame Brussels don’t get involved. We allowe people to come from other eu countries and claim housing and benefits but not the other way round ??? Come on Cameron get a brain and sore this out before it’s to late.
    Rant over …….. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • terry scott says:

    Im going to kill myself im fed up reading about all this crap we all are going no where.

    The CSA have blood on there hands and im so depressed. I cannot live like this anymore!!!! I want to die..hate this. HELP!!!

  • bernard laird says:

    I have received the same 8000 in debt i55.68 per week argued its wrong they have ignored me totally for 4 weeks until I realised my dad is the one suffering they actually had me down for working and self employed when I am just self employed what they have done is taken my dads work onto my account as we have the same name and then to make it worse have actually tried taking a detachment of earnings order out on him they just want money david camaron has ruined fathers rights…..

  • James Hannigan says:

    And in all honesty, when I got to the point of being unable to live, I ended up emigrating. Only to Ireland mind, but I earn a living and I’m not under the CSA cosh. Worst mistake was to actually have any contact with them.

    First thing I did was change my mobile number, change to an irish bank account, get job. Took me around a month in total.

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