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I can’t see my daughter as CSA tells ex how to get more money

I’m having a lot of trouble with Csa, my ex and I had arrangements where I have my daughter every other weekend and half of all holidays, then suddenly after 13 years my ex decides his benefits aren’t good enough and applies for Csa, I don’t mind paying for my child however after speaking to Csa he discovered that the less I have my daughter the more money he gets and I now haven’t seen my daughter in months and yet I have to pay more even though there’s a court order in place, I can’t even go to courts because I can’t afford too, I have no money this month left for food at all as Csa is crippling me, I’ve lost so much weight, can’t sleep, feel suicidal and Csa just say that I have to pay and even if I can’t eat at least my daughter can, no child needs that much money a month, worst of all is I would be seeing my daughter still if it wasn’t for them this needs to stop, and I have to pay till she’s 20 which I think is too old.

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