I can’t get any correct information from the CSA

July 9, 2013

Recently got a good job but not a good paying job but now have security due to being laid off twice in 3 months from last employer.

Because of my new job I have made contact with the CSA at first the phone conversations were OK but after a while and after speaking to the 3rd different person from the CSA “Rachel” who informed me that I was £6000:00 in arrears I had at this time not properly worked out how much I really owed, on the forms that I had been sent it showed that my weekly payments that they required from me for a single child was £74 a week and yet in their booklet the average cost for a single child was up to and about £32. I asked her why was I being charged for all these weeks £74 and also while being unemployed too she told me because of my earnings I asked her where did she get my earnings from and she said from my previous employer. This I can’t believe as the company no longer exists.

She told me that my weekly bill would be £37 a week for my son and told me that I need to pay off the arrears also. She phoned me again and I said that I would give her £50 a week so that I am paying off £13 a week she then hit me with what she was expecting me to pay off the arrears the total sum being over well over £100 a week. I told her I could not afford this amount she brought the payment down to £85 a week I told her this was still to much she said you have to clear you arrears within a two year period. I told her that I didn’t think that I owed £6000 arrears and would work it out and get back to her with the true figure so I went through all my dates of employment and all my dates of unemployment and being on the sick, I worked it out that I owed £4400 not £6000 as they had stated I printed this off and sent this recorded delivery to the person who deals with my case a Carla Pendergast. This was a Friday and on the following Monday I received another phone call from Rachel who didn’t accept that I didn’t owe £4400.

I said to her that the money I owed is nowhere near your figure and if I paid off that £13 a week the arrears would be cleared in a year and a half not as she stated two years, she still refused this even after informing her I sent everything explaining the actual dates. She said because I didn’t inform the CSA that I was unemployed then I would have to pay the full amount, I said that I have never made contact with the CSA and yet your department stopped me £5 a week from my unemployment benefit and as you are the department of works and pensions (as left on my voice mail via my mobile phone) you know when I’m in work or out she has my mobile phone number and yet I did not give it to her, I asked her if I could speak to her supervisor she refused and said that she does not speak to us even though her supervisor is Carla Pendergast and who sends me letters with her name on (she can correspond with me but I cannot correspond with her) I received a letter on 3rd July 2013 stating how forcibly they will be stopping what they have made up to be my arrears via my employer and if I would like to appeal against their decision then I have 28 days from the date of receiving this letter but as it states “How to appeal against a deductions from earnings order” Write to your local magistrate court in England. (“You can not appeal through the courts about a deduction from earnings order just because you do not agree with the amount of child maintenance we worked out you should pay”)

It would have been best to state that even if you have proof you won’t get nowhere because there is no appeal. I also asked if I could have a copy of all the hidden charges that have been added that do not show on any of the forms like Bailiff letters put through my relatives doors where I have never lived etc still wasting my time as they don’t respond and a law to themselves, what a very democratic country we now live in.