I can’t check the child is in education, so how do I know I’m not being ripped off?

March 18, 2015

hmmmmmmm where do I start with this farcical organisation CSA.

2013 & 2014 I tried making payments not chased or hounded.as responsible parent I have paid for my child over the years and been refused access for NO reason paid over £6000 in legal fees NOT LEGAL AID as I was refused even though my ex failed 3 times to turn up at court,yet I still had to pay ,this is the help from the government follow the rules and you will be fine poppy cock !!!!

so every thing to do with this subject is all designed for the PWC nothing to do with the child or morals or good up bringing,or having both parents involved.

its all about the money yes folks the money since when does a child need more money than a gown man to live on who works 12 hours a day 6 days a week for pittance yet because PWC refuses to contact CSA when offer of voluntary payments are made for two years they hit me with 40% DOE IN 2015.
this child is now jumping from course to course until she will turn 20 NOT 19 as everyone seems to think. its governed by child benefit if PWC gets it, so DOES the NRP in the pocket. so my child will be a dumb ass after 4yrs in college just to satisfy the government ,I have no rights to see if she is in college DATA PROTECTION ,CSA only check yearly for child benefit payments NOT THE COLLEGE. so welcome to the only country with 20 year old children !!!!! how would a 20 year old child fair in a court of law ?
or VOTE ? even get MARRIED ?

this person also burnt THE FAMILY HOME DOWN ! yep that’s right .what happened nothing even after taking down the smoke alarms!!!!

so if i can not check if the child is in full time education how can you find out if you are getting shafted ?
easy assume you will be shafted from the moment you leave the family home for the sake of the kids yes I said kids I have a stepdaughter paid for her aswell for 11 yrs not seen my own for 7yrs …….her dad was allowed non payment… I GIVE YOU CSA & BRITTISH GOVERNMENT welcome to the pride of fair judgement equality in this fair and green land of opportunity