I am not on birth cirtificate, do I have to pay CSA?

March 3, 2012

I apparently have a biological child, I have no interest in getting involved as it was after a one night stand and completely against my will. I have never seen the baby and am not named on the birth certificate, there is also a possibility of it being someone elses however it looks like me. As bad as this sounds, I’ve been blunt, can CSA force my to pay CM if asked by the mother to make a claim regardless of me not being on the Birth Certificate?

Essentially can I be liable as the baby has my dna?


  • Cheekyd says:

    Wow not all women sit on their arsea doing nothing ny ex father of two children has never realy contributed much he got a well paid job but then chopped and changed amounts to suit him so I went through cm he is now still at it by getting his employer to put him as self employed but still work for them !! Talk about depriving the kids he wanted I work and I have alwats provided for and kept a roof over my kids head I went to the cm service out of principle as sick of him messing me around its only the kids that suffer in all this and I agree some women are as bad but still strap it up at least then you know you actually tried to not make a baby

  • Lee Evans says:

    Hi I was woundering have I got o pay cash if I ain’t not the birth certificate? And I am not allowed to see the child and have no interest in seeing the child?

  • Lee your a cunt you took the risk now it’s your trying to dodge paying for your child , when you grow up you tight ass twat you will realise what a twat u were and regret Being so negative to your child

  • ross mclaughlan says:

    same situation as me,what happened?

  • Alroy says:

    Well my ex misses got pregnant then told me to have a sti done then ended it put me as the punitive to social. Then said contact me I will call police. Then said the only reason I’m having this baby is so I don’t have to work so for 11nonths I waited and I’m taking her to court for my rights and also I’m going to go for custody of my child so she then all of a sudden get csa involved so I told then to get fucked and ill see them after court. As my ex is a waster and a baby mumma. And I for one won’t let the bitch win. As she was the one who cheated on me.

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