How long does legal action from the CSA take?

September 3, 2012

I have been seperated from my ex for 3 years now and for a few months i got csa which was took stright from his earnings. But after that he went self employed and he apparantly earned such a low wage (lower then jobseekers) that he didn’t have to pay anything.

After a while he got caught by the tax office for doing his books wrong and eneded up with a huge amount to pay them back and it put him £1400 in arrears with my csa. He went back on to job seeker’s for a short while before going back as self employed again, but this time he has to pay me every month. The problem is they can’t take it stright from his wage as he is self employed and he oviously has no intention of paying it.

The csa have given him his final warning. Personaly I think he has had too many chances by them so if he doesn’t respond to this they are taking legal action.

What does this entail? How long does it take? And according to him if the balifs do come they can’t take anything because the house belongs to his girlfriend any advice would be appreciated thanks.