How is this process to benefit our children’s needs?

November 17, 2016

How is child support % chargers to do with children’s needs it’s a scam Garnish of wages is a fraud the FF act the money advise shop the principles of abuse The exploitation of shite wages by a system of fatherless children by a company about % profit than children’s needs The nrp is also pec when children are in our care which is being dismissed Instead of stealing a persons wages and being disrespectful An affordable process should be in place It’s about obligation of paying for child care support so why are nrp being financially abused By alleged child law Which is in contast to children’s act 1989 The pwc is abusing the system Common sense says if you earn £1000 a month on the minimum wage how is lawful to take £300 and still pay to collect feed and be housed ???

It’s another scam that’s not regulated to basic needs Xmas next month by the action of abuse my children don’t get a present of their dad But the mother can waste it on herself and say it goes on the kids Just total cock up.