How is this helping my kids?

May 2, 2014

I pay CSA have for many years ,1 boy, dont mind paying not my choice ,just a bitter ex who does it for the fun!

My ex is a horrible bitch, exs generally are!

I pay every week on time all the time.

I then married and had a daughter ,3 now , however that has broken down ( for now ) and here comes the problem.

My first ex got wind of this and decided to try and get more money out the system , not for the first time mind the last time she did she lost out £7 a week , i currently pay £43 to each child i should pay £37 , however the csa have informed me my direct payment isn’t accepted or acknowledged unless its through them.

I now have to drag my daughter on the csa system/stats or pay £53 csa and £43 voluntary .as normal, in short why should me and the second wife have to drag our daughter on the csa to acknowledge what we agree because the system says , we have a good agreement my vindictive ex is just trying to be clever.

The csa say if i bring my daughter on the system they will get £37 each thats a joint £12 pound loss, how is that helping my children?

The csa said it would be BETTER for me are they MAD its about the children, any advice?