How do I escape paying child support?

June 11, 2008

This is one of the things we keep getting asked here at How do I escape paying child support?

It’s not something we want to condone, we’re not here to offer advice and suggestions on how non resident parents can get out of paying for their children. We are here to offer advice and support on how you can pay what you owe, rather than what the CSA want you to pay.

Remember that if you have children you have an obligation to pay for them, to pay fairly for them. The CSA want you to pay as much as possible to them, when we want you to pay what is right to your children.

So rather than searching for information and help on how you can escape paying the CSA, you should be looking for advice on dealing with the CSA so you’re not blackmailed into paying too much.

This website has plenty of advice on dealing with the CSA.


  • Jeorjette says:

    I don’t understand why you are all complaining. Some women are indeed taking advantage of the CSA to take some extra money for themselves, but if there would be an agreement between the ex partners it would be much easier. Also men in this position barely offer economic support, let alone educational or moral. Children don’t need only money, they also need to have the presence of fathers, paying a ridiculous amount of child support will not compensate the lack of love from a father. It’s possible the laws have been created like this due to the lack of responsibility from most fathers. When I see some guys complaining that their step children get less amenities than ur biological children it makes me feel sick. If you lived with the mothers you would have to pay about the same amount of money but since you are separated you resent the idea. I don’t know what kind of woman would use their child to get revenge on the fathers, but I bet the percentage of them is significantly less compared to that of the irresponsible fathers.

  • Paul Mcandrew says:

    CSFOO2 Form dropped through letterbox today. What do I do!!!!!!!!! NO MONEY, NO JOB, and NO CAR.? My current wife has taken everything. We had a good life and I do love her. She left will the children on the 13th Feb. Sold our car(15K), sold a jointly owned EU apartment(60K), spent over (100k) during 2011. Now I have to fill a CSA CSFOO2. Any one got any good ideas?

  • David says:

    The court supposedly is gender neutral in basing its decisions on custody. The child’s interest is supposedly paramount. However even if the man earns more, can provide a better environment and education, the custody still goes to the mother, unless you can prove she’s a danger for the child! So even if tehre are 2 children, the mother will still get both. Where’s father’s rights? Is the Justice System gender neutral really? Is a father merely a paying machine? A slave to a disgruntled woman?

    Having read all these and much more elsewhere, I’m now nearly fully convinced I’ll never get married [not to any self-centered, individualistic skank in the UK or anywhere else in the Western world] and will be extremely careful sleeping with 30+ yrs/o women! I’m still young and don’t want to be a slave for the next 20 yrs of my life in a system that spoon feed women and demonise fathers. I’ll donate my sperm to a fertility clinic for the sake of propagation of the species. If my 30+ gf wants a baby, I’ll tell her fertility clinics are opened for business! It’s sad that things have to come this way, but there’s no way around. I wouldn’t mind paying for my child but the way this is being done is pure harassment.

    It wouldn’t be a bad idea to omit saying your last name or even lie about your name when sleeping with a woman given the current situation men are being put under. Men are guilty by default, women are always innocent until proven guilty! Now I understand why in many communities, why the black man simply flees and have so many illegitimate children by different women. I meant you might as well; reading some here, I think out of desperation I’d be tempted to do the same thing until I can no more be charged anymore and end up in jail! It wouldn’t be an exageration to say that many of you must have thought about giving it all up; it wouldn’t take much to imagine how such initially functional law abiding men could easily crumble down. You could leave or loss your job, claim benefits, loss your house, end up on the street or in prison and ultimately turning into real criminals!

  • Viv says:

    My partner has three kids with his ex who gets all the benefits under the sun, goes abroad twice a year, has a council house and has never worked in her life. She refuses to allow him to see his kids and has moved and hidden her address so he cant find them, even though he has a court order allowing him to see them. It would cost him about £400 in travel a day to go to the part of the UK they live in to see them, even if he did have their address. Yet he still has £360 a month ripped from him, the useless courts not doing anything and the even more useless mother spending all of the money on herself. Both myself and my partner work long hours every day and for what? We are skint and have no life while these devious hussies get everything. Time to change the law methinks

  • gardenweed says:

    csa is a load of shit. how the fuk can any 1 keep robbing peter to pay paul? peter is getting pissed off about now. if the childs mother would let me see the child i would happly pay for the child. but as the mother. free house, free money, and the right to free everything. and they dictate to us they know if we work were not intytled to any support we have to pay solisotors fees and the csa bill im not refusing to pay the bastards im just saying if i could have regular contact with the kid. without her being there i would pay. if i waned to see her all the fucking time i would have stayed with her.

    if your a dad and they wont let u see the kid then the kid is not your responsability as she is the mom and knows best

  • Helphelp says:

    I pay 1800 a month for two kids.
    I can’t pay my bills at all, hire a lawyer and my credit score has taken such a huge impact.

    I owe 5000 dollars in arrears and soon will be evicted.

  • Arandom Persona says:

    There are several more ways any disgruntled fathers can use to take their bargaining power back with the courts that aren’t covered in this article but are covered extensively in this new book on how to avoid child support –

  • amanda says:

    My BF has 2 kids and his ex was already married to a Swiss National. my BF works only for his own non profit business which he doesnt have monthly income currently in belgium. now his ex is asking her euro 1700 for i dont know which basis did the govt of swiss decided.. and she even not happy of what she is rcvng.. now my bf has debt to swiss govt. damn her.. btw she is not working and all the time bitching.

  • sandra says:

    I am the wife who is fed up with the CSA – we have been paying an incredible sum of money to my husband’s ex for 18 years and we are still paying even though he is now at university! We had not had any contact with the kid ever and the mother hasn’t worked for over ten years – she hasn’t had to – we are paying for her!!! I have two jobs so we can afford to live and pay for our own son, who is disabled…. we go without all the time because of the fat lazy ex -and the CSA won’t help – they just continue taking the money – the mother is now fruadulently claiming child benefit so we are still paying maintenance – this seems like it will never end,…

  • Alan says:

    If I have my time over again I will not get married not have children and would never live with a woman . All but one I know are greedy lazy money grabbing tramps . My ex is booking holidays on the orient express going abroard two to three times a year and here’s me can’t even pay my bills thanks to the CSA . The tart had an affair left took the kids and banged in her bill to the CSA and I’ve been giving everything I have left and more for the last twenty years. If you are a free and single child free bloke reading this then stay like it don’t be an idiot like me .

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