How can the CSA be so ruthless?

April 4, 2015

I am writing on behalf of my husband , who has bipolar.We found out that he had a child when the child was 18-months old. This was a relationship breakdown in which the mother said she was having an abortion.

In the mean time my husband and i got together and whist i was pregnant we found out about the other child . a bit of a shock for both of us we have always paid even the arrears that accumulated when we didn’t know he existed.

We tried to have a relationship with the child but this unfortunately broke down , i am afraid my husband could not bond as he did with our child and felt it was wrong to have him in his life as he would be able to feel the lack of love.

A very sad situation and one that caused a lot of heartache for all.However we have always paid , we now find ourselves feeling like the CSA are bleeding us dry.My husband is self-employed , he is out of work at the moment , i do not work as i look after elderly parents. We moved 200 miles to do this 18-months ago , the stress has not been good for my husbands bipolar or may i say on me either.

At the moment we have £48.00 coming in a week which is CHILD TAX CREDIT and FAMILY ALLOWANCE money i feel is to feed my child, CSA want £5.00 per week of this and also wanted a contribution to some arrears which accumulated while my husband had no work over xmas apparently as i did not phone them straight away we still had to find the money for them even though i explained that we were in hope of work so did not call straight away have always been very polite to them and have had them say they wish all the customers were like me.

Fortunately it is i that deal with them to save my husband the stress but obviously this still effects him , i am worried at this time as i an see him going down, To be fair im not far behind. How can they be so ruthless?

When my husband was working coming home exhausted to give 20% of his wages is so unfair my 10yr old has never had a holiday because we can not afford it, Now it looks like we wont be able to feed him either , maybe a slight exaggeration but not far off you can only ask for help from family members for so long . I can see this ending badly and i am scared.