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How can I reduce my CSA payments?

I am in a stuation where I owe the secretary of state (through the CSA around £4500) I recognise this and have been paying not only the amount to the child but also I came to an agreement last year where I could pay the debt off over 4 years, this I could just about manage. In Jan 2009 the company I was working for went under and I was unemployed up until a month ago. My case has now been reassessed and the now have given me two choices, either get a deduction of earning of 40% or pay the debt off over 2 years.

Either way it would leave me and my family very very short, I can just about afford to pay the amount set out over the 4 years add to this I have after some years gained a great relationship with the child and the childs mother and have agreed to pay them directly.

It’s causing me and my familyme much stress, the CSA before were quite helpful but the new case worker and her boss are seeing things in black and white.

I’m not earning as much as before yet they want me to pay more.

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