How can I prove my ex is lying in court?

August 20, 2014

Its a long story so to cut is short mY ex has escaped paying csa for many years I have won appeals at tribunal hearings then he opposes them he wins so on.

I have won a higher tribunal which is in process , it appears the judge is in favour of my ex husband and the judge is basically stating his self assessments show he earns less every year than he earns , hence 7- 8000 pounds and his family and friends pay the short fall.

He is drawing on his mortgage with a shortfall earnings , my ex admitted in court that he asked the abbey national how much he would need to earn to be granted his amount of mortgage and then he did his self assessment hence getting mortgage ,the judge did question this but felt it ok he has changed his car and works vehicle , he states he gets paid in cash and this is how he pays his mortgage each month at the bank but every cash invoice is numbered and documented.

Infact the csa and myself believe him and his partner have another account to maintain their life style but the judge wont believe my ex is doing anything wrong . I need help to be able to prove he is lying how can I prove this?

Its a desperate situation . the lifestyle my ex has with mobiles , sky tv new windows on a house he states he has a problem paying the mortgage yet has borrowed more money from the bank to so call do home improvements wouldn’t you think paying the mortgage would be priority before improving house.

He told the judge he had a new car as his other was wrote off he didn’t write it off the person he sold it to did he lied to the judge , please assist . thank you.