How can I avoid having to call the CSA all the time?

June 5, 2015

The csa is diabolical every 3-4 months i have to get onto the phone to these people to ask where my payment is.

All i get told is that it has either been released or it has been put on hold for no aparent reason, either way they say i have to wait a further 7-10 working days for the payment to go into my account.

After the 10th working day i am back on the phone to the csa department to say i still haven’t recieved the payment they then tell me that i will have to wait a further 5-10 working days to see if i recieve the payment.

I am getting so fed up of having to do this every few months, i have been claiming csa for 15 years and it is getting tiresome let alone expensive to be calling all of the time, please is there anything i can do?

I am a single parent that works part time and i rely on this money each month like many parents. Please help.