How can he bring more children into the world when he can’t afford those he already has?

November 18, 2013

i have been seperated from my childrens for eight years and I have never recieved ANY money of him for my children.

i have contacted CSA agency and of January this year he also contacted them himself to tell then he was working. since which I have recieved one payment of sisxy five pound and several letters stating different amounts due to me which i have not recieved.

he has moved on to have two more children and is currently working yet i still have recieved nothing to help towards there upbringing.

as well as being a single mother I am also in university studying a degree and the financial burden is not only affectingn our lifestyle it is also effecting my studies.

I just do not understand how people can move onto bring more children into this world when they cannot afford the children they already have.


  • jo says:

    It’s called his life I’m afraid….just like you can go on and have more children if you want to.

    Have you contacted the csa to why monies has not been received? Csa are renowed to taking money and keeping it in high interest accounts….they love it when a pwc and nrp are at loggerheads to know what really goes on.

    I take it you have no contact with your ex but seem to know his circumstances, have you tried talking to him?

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