How can changing jobs cause a year of trouble?

April 11, 2015

My ex husband changed jobs April 2014. During the last year I have rung countless times and in October I was encouraged to accept money off my ex directly, even though I wanted it through the agency as I hadn’t been paid for 6 months.

In January I was told accepting money off my ex was delaying payments so in February I stopped taking payments from him.

Today I was told my case was closing and I would have a new case worker in 48 hours. The person I spoke too was rude and couldn’t not understand my frustration.

In the meantime I am getting more and more in debt even though I’m working.

I am thinking of taking payments directly off my ex and writing off the six months owed to me. How can someone changing jobs take a year for the csa to sort out? Everytime I ring it is as though nothing has been done since the last time I rang.