How am I supposed to look after my daughter will all of these CSA demands?

November 19, 2013

I have been paying CSA payments for nearly 3 years now.. From day one I have had constant problems with them, as they are slow, rude and to be frank quite stupid with some of the letters and assessments they have done on me..

It all started when they sent me a letter (3 years ago) for my first child saying that I had to pay an amount of 500 pounds straight away.. I contact them and they said I needed to pay this money as soon as possible. I didn’t have the money and did not pay this so they attached an deduction of my earning and sent me letter after letter saying that I was near 2000 pounds in arrears.
They said they would take 325pounds a month for one child and for saying I only earn just under 1,000 pound a month and I have bills to pay left me short. I paid this with out fail every month as it was deducted from my earning and had no choice.

In August 2011 my CSA was supposed to go down to 240 something but they carried on taking 325.. I rang them and they said that I had over payed and they said I didn’t have to pay for 3 months. I didn’t pay anything for 3 months because they said that I had over payed and the extra money was nice.

In December I get paid a week early and CSA took 575 pounds off me, I contacted them straight away and asked them why they had taken this amount of money of me and leaving me with Literaly nothing to live on for over 5 weeks until the next pay an not knowing what they will be taking off me. They said that I had not payed for 3 months and this was the reason why they had taken that amount. I argued the case and they just basically laughed in my face and told me that the child came first. I had to take it on the chin and leave it because they didn’t listen and did not care one bit!!!
After that they set up an agreement for 238 pounds per month.

In march this year (2013) I added another child to my case so that it would be cheaper and that I didn’t have to deal with the money for 2 different mother, it just went to the CSA and they sent it out to the mothers. It’s 20% of my wages for 2 children or more and on a 1000 pound they worked out that it’s 200 pound a month. I asked them clearly if it was 200 pound a month and if it would put me back in arrears or change my payments each month, they said the first payment will be 215 but after that it was be 196 pound a month. Which is the lowest amount I have ever paid and was happy with that for 2 children.

I have been paying this ever since with out a problem and nothing had gone wrong UNTIL…

The other day I got a letter from them

Saying that I was 750 pound in arrears because there calculation of there assessment was wrong and that there taking 466 pounds out of my next pay leaving me short yet again. then 350 something in December then 250 in January and then back to 196 pound in February. I have one of my daughter regular and spoil her rotten when she comes and give her mum extra money for school clothes and other things she needs. I have also been paying the 196 since march and now there saying I owe them 750 pounds and there taking it off me over the Christmas months. How am I supposed to live??? How am I supposed to look after my daughter with no money because there crippling me with there huge demands.

I need your help. I have been in contact with citizens advice and waiting for a appointment.

I am worried there just going to take the money off me and there is nothing I can do about it, even though I have paid my money every month. Where have they got 750 pounds from!
There terrible and totally unreasonable .

Please help