Help needed for organisation opposing the CSA

May 10, 2013


I am currently involuntarily involved with the csa who i believe are impcting on my ability to work. I want to start an organisation opossing them and would like some advice. I believe the only way NRPs will have their rights restored is by unity and single handedly facing the beast. I would like to state that this is not going to be for those that wish not to support their children and the fight i discuss is legal and non-violent. I want organisations and individuals to band together. I can no longer afford to work and have decided that being part of the agencies downfall is a worthwhile lifetime achievement. I have an idea for a union but am unsure how to start the ball rolling and am asking for ideas and support from csa hell. I have an understanding of what you do and do not want to tread on toes but am only a single person who can see the validity of a collective approach (this is probably due to a history as a union rep) and would appreciate guidance on whether there is a way forward.


  • Adrian says:

    In theory sounds like a good idea but I thought the csa was changing in 2014 ? I read some where that they were closing all cases and forcing people to sort it out between the self. And if that don’t work the csa will charge both parents to use there service.
    I might be wrong but it’s not over goverment people need to convince. It’s Brussels. Human rights have always been broken by the csa.

  • eddie says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Nothing will change. What are the CSA doing to promote equality and the ethos that as adults we can meet our responsibilities as parents. Employing a debt collecting agency appears that this might go the other way. Couple this with the propossed charges 7% for PWCs and 20% for NRPs and the clues are there. The NRP will have to pay this whether in fact it was them or a PWC seeking more money through the CSA. Don’t forget when NRPs negotiate maintenance with PWCs expenditure such as mortgages, rent food, bills, tax, etc is taking into consideration. The CSA do not afford us this luxury because if they did they would not be able to offer our exs an amount of money much greater that places many secondary families in poverty. This is abuse and negligent and to then employ an agency to meet you targets and pay your employees bonuses contributes to this abuse. It is not the hard to reach missing parents that this agency reaches bonuses for tracking parents who don’t want to pay are well deserved instead it is the parents who re doing all they can and are in contact that aare “tracked” and bled until many commit suicide. The only way forward is to let the government know that we as resonsible parents dont deservere the treatment that they are dishing out.

  • Dan says:

    Totally agree with Eddie on this. The new csa system is still gonna bleed hard working NRPs to death literally. By the sounds of it the NRP could still lose 40 percent of there income. I’m even thinking of quitting my job myself as believe il be better off unemployed.
    Question I suppose is how can we change this government n law

  • eddie says:


    the only way forward is together as I have suggested. Until parliament literally see how many people this system is abusing we will be a silent minority what I am suggesting is becomming a listened to majority. There is enough of us so why can I only raise alist of ten people who would commit to a rally. There are loads of organisations but we need to promote solidarity against this oppression whilst we are as thinly spread as I can stomach Marmite (very thin) we do not stand a chance. The way forward is a rally with everyone there to deliver a request ( petition) that this law is changed.

  • Macon says:

    The way to get this problem sorted and in the news would be to set a date for a mass non payment a 1000 people not paying the Csa for one month and paying the PWC with a check would give the Csa a work load they couldn’t handle and this would get it into the papers and TV !

  • mr says:

    I am planning a hunger strike, I hope you will back me or I shall die. Or even better, join me. I believe we can win this fight.

  • stephen yarwood says:

    Ok the first time I commented on here was a bit of a rant and rage. now things have developed with the CSA to the point where Im quitting work. Over about £500 that’s already been paid out but not recognised because it was given in cash to my daughter. I know right can’t even give it to your kids even though that’s who the moneys for. Well as backward as they are i couldn’t get the CSA to negotiate well just because they think they’re the big stick to make you obey. So im quitting and here’s how Im going to do it. Firstly I ve enjoyed spending all the money in a wasteful manner that she couldn’t get out of me so that I’ve retained no assets. Assets can be stripped you see and that’s a weakness. Next. I work for an agency. Thanks to Maggie Thatcher I ve managed to turn this blight on humanity into a bit of an asset. I can arrange myself unemployed quite easily. And then claim the dole and get myself a solicitor paid for by taxes i ve paid already through the legal aid to fight for the time I’ve lost with my child since she became leverage instead of the one person I cherish most in the world. I ve been on touch with my county councillor who’s contacted my MP and the MP for families Edward timpson about the proposed charging and secondly to point out that the CSA contributes actively to the breakdown in relationships.
    I think everyone with a grievance should do the same. Also Id be in favour of getting a petition going as there’s bound to be over 100,000 people with concerns im off to trawl the internet for some now. I suggest we all do the same. Don’t forget this system relies on you getting up and going to work. If you dont then they get all the headaches not you .

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