He owes me thousands, but I have to pay him £90 a week

February 2, 2014

Hi Please can someone help me!

I have looked after my 14 year old son since I split up with my ex husband 8 years ago. He has hardly paid a penny in maintenance and has never provided so much as a pair of socks for my son.

He recently started seeing my son because the CSA caught up with him he came back into his life and started having him 2 days a week. he then persuaded my son to live with him after a massive fall out when he tried to send him to another school behind my back. My son has not come home for 2 months and he has turned him against me. Now he is trying to claim CSA from me even though he owes me thousands I have to pay him £90 per week.

Sureley something is wrong? I see this arrangement as a stroppy teenager having a tantrum and think my son will come back home. I still have the Chlld Benefit so how does he prove he lives with him.

The whole thing is making me ill its so unfair I have worked full time and struggled for years to make ends meet with no help and now he is laughing in my face.