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Greedy wife earns twice as much and is financially crippling me!

I split up with my wife February 2020. We came to an arrangement of £255 a month maintenance I have two kids who are three and one she asked me for a recent wage slip so she knew I was paying the right amount. She asked me for £285 another which I cannot afford so I decided to go through CMS get it sorted properly…. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE… they worked it out to £291.91 and told me she had no right to ask me for a wage slip and advised me not to make a payment in May 2021 and start paying her by direct debit starting from June 2021.

I informed my wife of this she wasn’t happy and asked CMS to recalculate it that are now saying I have to pay £295 a month with £374 arrears… after I’ve paid my rent together with CMS payments I’ll have less than £500 a month to live on and that’s before utilities and food is taken out its gonna cripple me… my wife earns nearly twice as much as me and tells me she is struggling for money but sends me pictures of my three year old daughter having her ears peirce costing £50 and a new car on finance and is going on holiday twice this year I just feel like I’m being taken for a mug.

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